Mar 22, 2010

Blogging Restart.

Social Game Art
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Props , "Organized Crime"

Boss & Battle Img , "Organized Crime"

Props , "The Legend of Spirehold"

Rough Color Keys & Interface Background Img
, "The Legend of Spirehold"

Mission Img , "The Legend of Spirehold"

Soon after my graduation, I was hired by a social network company called , Hi5 Network. Its social gaming division, Social Moray, tried to pump out two social games last year; They are "Organized Crime" & "The Legend of Spirehold". Under the art direction of Michael Dashow, I was one of the junior artists to help out concepting and creating bunch of tiny pixel artworks for the games. Both games are now live on and Facebook.
My friends have been asking me to show the artworks of my job for LONNNNGG time. SO! there they are; and hopefully, my friends are still interested in seeing them, and enjoy my art. :)
(Don't complain they are TOOoooo SMALL. Coz they are supposed to be shown THAT SAMLL in game on screen (75 X 75 pixel, i guess :P)

I spent a GOOD half year at Hi5. At the beginning of 2010, I was given a chance to join the nowadays-social-gaming-Flagship, ZYNGA~! If you wanna know what's up with my works, pls visit the following game XD ( i suppose you know where to find it, right?)


Aletta said...

You're back! glad to see you're
still alive this year, hahahaa....:D
Good stuff tho, I really like what you guys did with the spirehold game.

LamGi said...

good work! Have fun at Zynga.

Henry Ho said...

about time :) I want to see some bigger stuff!! :p

Ashley Boyd said...

There's some art on here! Good! :D

But I've already seen all of it! D: Haha

chrystal chan said...

Yu Ming!! Miss you! Cool stuff, especially the spirehold game. Post more : )!!